Who Has the Best Odds For the 2015-16 College Football Title?

The second season of college football’s playoff system will be come not too long from now and will be a very popular event to look forward to later this year. The early odds for who could win the 2015-16 college football title have already came out.

Ohio State Could Repeat

The Ohio State Buckeyes pulled off a big upset as the fourth seed in the playoff but still won it all. The Buckeyes have 7/2 odds from the gambling site SBGGlobal.eu to repeat as champions this year. This is thanks in part to Ezekiel Elliott looking to be a big threat at the running back position and a possible Heisman hopeful. Of course, there is still plenty of debate as to which of the three quarterback candidates for the Buckeyes should actually be the starter this year.

Alabama Wants To Get Back

The Alabama Crimson Tide, who were the top-seeded playoff team only to be upset by Ohio State last year, have 7/1 odds to win. The team has a strong foundation and Nick Saban is a favorite coach among many bettors. However, the big question will be if Jake Coker, who is transferring to Alabama from Florida State, will be the quarterback who will lead the Tide back into the playoffs this year.

TCU Wants To Get Back

After missing the playoffs, the TCU Horned Frogs will be riding off quarterback Trevone Boykin to try and win it all this season. The Frogs have 10/1 odds to win it all.

Florida State Is Slumping

Although they were the only undefeated team in the regular season, the Florida State Seminoles still got blown out in the playoffs. The Seminoles are listed at 33/1 to win this year. This is especially due to all but one starter on the offensive line being lost this year. The turnover for the Seminoles will be a big storyline to watch for this year.

As For Oregon…

The Oregon Ducks are hoping to make a comeback after losing in the championship game last year. The Ducks have 22/1 odds and will have Thomas Tyner and Royce Freeman at the running back position to help the team move forward even after Marcus Mariota has moved on to join the NFL ranks.

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Will Tim Tebow Stay in the NFL or Go to the CFL or Arena League?

With Tim Tebow’s future in the NFL in serious doubt after a wasted year with the New York Jets, there is a lot of speculation of him going to play in the Canadian Football League. However, Tebow’s unique skill set may be even less suited to the style of play in the CFL, and his weaknesses do not make him any better of a fit north of the border than he is in the US.

Tebow became famous at the University of Florida for his running game and his ability to turn a disaster of a play into a positive gain, a first down, or a touchdown. However, he needs a system built around him that caters to his limited ability to throw the football, but which highlights his ability to capitalize on short throws and runs.

This type of offense is known as the spread-option, read-option, or simply the option offense. It has not traditionally been used in the NFL, although it is starting to appear more and more. The Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks, for instance, relied on it during the 2012-2013 season. Most teams, however, still use more common formations for the quarterback to throw.

The big difference is the Canadian football league is the larger amount of passing going on, due to the presence of only three downs. This makes shorter runs less valuable for teams to get a first down. The larger field may work in Tebow’s favor, but he will still struggle if his ability to complete passes has not drastically improved since he played for the Denver Broncos for one season.

Tebow is also finding it difficult to be a backup quarterback anywhere in the NFL right now. While he might be an effective backup for Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, or Cam Newton, who run similar offenses to the one that Tebow thrives in, he has an adamant and vocal fan base that will not settle for him to play a backup position. These other quarterbacks have throwing accuracy that Tebow lacks.

So would Tebow work out in the CFL? Probably not, unless his skills have improved in the two years since we last saw him run an offense. Unfortunately, his time wasted in New York has lowered his stock and closed doors to him around the NFL. Playing for a CFL or Arena Football League team may be his only option left at this point, though there is still a chance for him to find a place in the NFL.

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Tebow Done in New York, According to Jets Three-Paragraph Press Release

One year after they brought him to New York, the Jets have decided to cut Tim Tebow from the team, reducing their quantity of quarterbacks from six to five. It was only a matter of time before they did, especially with their drafting of Geno Smith in the second round of the NFL Draft late last week. With Tebow out of the Jets, he becomes a free agent.

With a three-paragraph press release, the Jets organization announced his departure from the team. That is quite a turnaround from the huge press conference they held when the star QB first arrived in New York. At that point, the Jets put on the largest press conference in the franchise’s history, all for a backup quarterback who was not guaranteed a starting spot.

His release from the team ends one of the strangest chapters in the history of the Jets franchise, and perhaps one of the strangest chapters in the history of the NFL overall. Tebow was given rock star treatment upon his arrival in the Big Apple, especially after the disappointing season that current starting QB Mark Sanchez had had, racking up 26 turnovers.

However, after non-using, misusing, and abusing Tebow on and off the football field, it became apparent the Jets had no clear plan what they wanted to do with the quarterback. Fans changed Tebow’s name at every home game as Sanchez and the Jets offense struggled throughout the season. But once Sanchez was finally benched, coach Rex Ryan replaced him with third-stringer Greg McElroy.

Since the regular season ended with the Jets at 6-10, the organization gave permission to Tebow’s agent to seek a trade, but no teams offered anything for him, not even a sixth or seven round draft pick. With the NFL Draft ending on Saturday, and with the Jets picking up another quarterback in Geno Smith from West Virginia, it was time to let Tebow go for good, which they did on Monday.

The Tebow trade by the Jets was a disappointment from the beginning. They utilized him for just 77 offensive snaps during the regular season, and it became more apparent as the season went on that they had no plans to use or keep him for the long term. The release was just a matter of time, and Tebow will have to find a new team to join this offseason.

Unfortunately, his options seem to be limited in the NFL right now. No team wants the same circus atmosphere that surrounded Tebow in New York. The latest news from Tebow is that he has been working with quarterback instructor Chris Weinke in Florida, before he reported to New York for offseason training with the Jets.

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